Tuesday, February 06, 2007

20's vs. 30's

What is it about being in your twenties that feels so young and fabulous, while also feeling overwhelmed and unstable? And why is it that the 30's look so much more comfortable, more stable, when everything seems to come together. Myself and my friends in the 20's, I don't know, feel frazzled and pressured to "find direction". When, it seems my friends in their 30's, seemed to have found direction and are more content. And why is it when you say that you're 20something, people seem to not respect you as much as when others say that their are 30? I work just as hard and I'm nearly thirty...but somehow being 29 doesn't have the same effect as being 30.

I can't wait to be 30. Seriously. I am done with my twenties. Bring me stability. Bring me direction. I'm ready.

When will I turn 30? August 10, 2008. 18 months. Bleah.

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Lena said...

You obviously haven't talked to me about this subject. I'm the posterchild for kicking and screaming, most unwilling participant to turn the evil 3-0. Enjoy the 20s while they last is my advice. :)