Friday, February 09, 2007

History of Buffalo Wings

From my good friend Melanie in Indiana. True story, these words were said.

Setup: The other day we were talking about Westward Expansion - Indians and Buffalo and of course when you talk about Indians and Buffalo...what's the next thing you would talk about...(anyone want to guess...cowboys? NO Way!...Pioneers? Nope...Anyone else want to venture a guess? No one...okay) Of course the next thing you talk about is Buffalo wings! How we got on the subject I have no idea (but that is usual for this class)...and here is the conversation that occurred next (with one extremely embarassed girl.)

Girl in front row: "I thought buffalo wings were made out of buffalo meat."
(Class: Stunned silence)
Guy behind her: "yeah, you know those buffalo with wings - it's so annoying when they fly around"
(Class: some laughter)
Girl in front row: "I know buffalo's don't have wings, but I thought that's where they got their name from - because they used buffalo meat."
(Class: Lots of laughter)
Guy in back of class: "No, the guy who created the sauce that goes on the chicken wings was from Buffalo NY and that's why they're called Buffalo wings."
Girl in front row: "Oh...I really thought it was because they used buffalo meat."
(Class: still laughing)

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