Thursday, November 17, 2005

weird things about l.a.

  1. movie posters EVERYWHERE;
  2. christmas decorations and 80 degree weather does not compute;
  3. the emphaisis of beauty in this city, whether it's plastic or real (and somtimes it's hard to tell);
  4. so many people think of themselves as celebrities;
  5. seeing the hollywood sign every night on my way home from work;
  6. stretch hummers;
  7. obsession with stardom;
  8. hollywood is really not that attractive;
  9. hollywood blvd. being closed down/roped off due to movie premieres;
  10. driving by mann's chinese theater, the kodak theater, and the el capitan every day, and they are all on the same block (hollywood boulevard and highland avenue);
  11. the giant gap store;
  12. 3 stripper stores all on the same block;
  13. how far people commute to work (2 hours - are they crazy!?);
  14. the amount of freeways and it's still not enough;
  15. if you tell someone you're an actor, most people get a look of disgust on their faces.

1 comment:

bettyagnes said...

I have lived in LA (give or take a few miles) and still can't get over most of that stuff on your list either! I drive right by H&H and the Hollywood sign every night and it still amazes me. I agree with 100% of the things on your list. :) And I am one of those 1.5 hours commuters. Ugh!

Anyway, welcome to LA! I found your blog by just hitting the "next blog" button on blogger. Good luck with all your aspirations.