Tuesday, November 08, 2005

not so chilly

in reading my friend's blog, she's finally given up and turned on the heat in her house (she lives in tacoma). she's been discussing the battle as to whether or not she wants to pay more to the electric company (she and i are both in agreement that our favorite price is FREE). finally, she turned it up to 60 degrees and "it felt good."

i have to say that we haven't turned on the heat, but last week or the week before we turned on the air conditioning! we are having strange weather here, both hot and "cold" spells. it does tend to get a bit chilly, but we just throw on another blanket.

jenny, you'll be the first one to know when (and if) i turn on the heat. :)

by the way, matt said he was absolutely freezing in seattle last weekend. guess we'll need heavier coats for christmas.

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Jenny said...

whimps. You live in LA. It's doesn't count. AND turning on the A/C....my my my how quickly you have fallen. Next I'll be reading about your cat psychic therapist....

miss you