Sunday, November 06, 2005

good times with good friends

kari, amanda, and i spent last night in long beach. i was thrilled to get out of l.a. and go see the ocean! we walked along the beach for a bit and got our feet wet. then we drove around downtown for awhile to get our bearings (even wound up on the bridge that headed out to the queen mary) and finally found the funky district (which was somewhat similar to capitol hill in seattle) where we spent a good portion of the evening. kari used to live in long beach and amanda and i had never been so she showed us around (unfortunately her favorite coffee shop had disappeared). we had dinner at a great little italian restaurant, did some shopping, and got some great decorating ideas. then we headed back downtown and saw "prime" with uma thurman and meryl streep (highly reccommend it!). the only downside to the evening was that i got in very early in the morning. i woke up this morning saying to myself "i am not 20 anymore. i can't stay out late again." trust me, i'm feeling it! but i had a great time being with my girls and i hope we can do it agian soon!

i just got off the phone with joy, and we can't remember the last time we talked! although we don't write or talk every week (or sometimes every month), we seem to always pick up where we left off. she may even come visit sometime next year or maybe the year after that, but considering that we haven't seen each other since 2002 (when we went for a hike at mt. ranier...well, it was sort of a hike...i had to back out halfway through because i was so out of breath), i am thrilled at the possibility of seeing her!

mom, dad and katie fly in thursday evening. i have the grocery list for our thanksgiving dinner and will go shopping either wednesday or thursday, depending on how the schedule works out. matt and i are really looking forward to their visit. i know it will fly by, but i am very anxious to see them because, well, i miss them! terribly!

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