Thursday, November 03, 2005


adrienne and i went to see a play last night called romance, at new play by david metken (he wrote "wag the dog"). fabulous show, completely inappropriate and hilarious, and great use of the f-word throughout the play. we had a great time and i can't wait to see another play there! we got free tickets from the rabbi (jenny's favorite price and mine too) which was very generous of her. i hope i can continue to be a good girl here so that i can get more free tickets! :) oh, and we saw ed o'neill, the dad from "married with children". we had better seats than he did. haha!
(dear god, i'm turning into an l.a. freak!)

matt is going home this weekend to visit his parents which means i have the apartment to myself and can do whatever i want! amanda, kari, and i are planning some stuff and i also need to catch up on some acting homework.

mom, dad, and katie come to visit next weekend and i'm soooooooooooooo excited! must get apartment in order...can't have the parents see a pigsty! :) (really, mom, it's not that bad...i swear!)

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