Sunday, November 27, 2005

happy holi-daze

thanksgiving was good. matt and i went to kari's. amanda was there along with kari's parents, of course, her brothers, and some family friends. all in all we had a great time and it was a wonderful way to spend the evening (although i drank a little too much wine).

friday i had to work and was completely pissed that i had to be there. luckily she was in a good mood and so we didn't have to put up with any of her mood swings. tomorrow i head back and tuesday they (lee and rabbi) take us out for a play date to the getty museum. i'm looking forward to it!

saturday matt and i went for a 2 hour hike at griffith park. the weather finally felt like november. slightly chilly and very windy. we got to the observatory and saw l.a. like it has never been seen before (or rarely): on a clear day! the wind was blowing west to east so all the smog was gone and you could see everything, even runyon canyon. had it not been for the mist we would have been able to see the ocean. that night we headed out to pasadena again for dave's birthday at gordon biersch.

today we got up early and saw harry potter which i LOVE! best one yet. then we headed over to the farmer's market, picked up stuff for dinner, and headed home to clean and do laundry. well, we got the laundry part done.

tomorrow: work
tuesday: work and dance class
wednesday: work and acting class
thursday: work and o.c. at 8pm!
friday: work and support rian's show (super nanny on ABC) at 8pm
saturday: possible get-together with cindy and dave? :)
sunday: possible rest?

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