Tuesday, September 06, 2005

wishin' and hopin'

i had an interview this evening at congregation kol-ami, a reform synagouge (sp) in west hollywood. really neat people and environment. it pays less than i'd like, but the job is right up my alley, i have all the experience, and i think it would be a good fit. i flat out told her that i am definitely interested and that i would do well. she's supposed to call by the end of th week...we'll see how that goes. based on my last interview, i can't necessarily trust that spiel!

the opening ceremonies at afi are tomorrow, and i'd like to try to go but alas, i have to work! :) i'm looking forward to getting to know l.a. more and getting out of the apartment. i think the cats will be weirded out but they will adjust. matt is excited for me and really happy that the job market just might be working out.

a very belated "happy anniversary" to my in-laws, nancy and greg! good job, guys! :) you are a true inspiration!

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