Thursday, September 29, 2005

indian summer

i have to remind myself these days that i live in southern california. it's frickin 80 degrees outside, maybe warmer! that leads to my favorite thing, warm summer nights. except when i'm trying to sleep...that's no fun. last night it was so muggy i didn't even get under the covers. if there were fall trees everywhere, this would be perfect!

matt's loans came through yesterday! yay!

tomorrow night celena and i are going to see corpse bride at the grove and i'm totally excited. i adore tim burton's movies! and of course, i heart johnny depp. matt will be in chinatown with nathan and tom to visit a site and talk about production for their first cycle project. matt invited me but i think it's best to leave them to talk about movie stuff. celena and i will have a fun night out!

work is great, just a little insane. high holy days start monday night so there is much to be done. i'm really looking forward to the weekend and a few days of rest.

in honor of jenny, who does this on her blog, i think it's time i started and it just might motivate me to read a little more...

books i am currently reading: in her shoes and harry potter 5
book i just finished: something borrowed

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