Monday, September 19, 2005

brain is full

well, i'm 15 minutes shy of completing my first day here at kol ami. it's been overwhelming which is to be expected but the people are so helpful and fun. i know i'll enjoy working here. i had a delicious lunch at baja fresh and a nice afternoon walk. updated calendars and was suprised at the "filing system" that the rabbi has. there are some definite changes i can make, but she's not here right now to hear them! she's out of town through wedensday so i have one more day to make it seem like i know what i'm doing. the job is amazing and lots of opportunity to learn and grow in my little career here. i think i'm going to like it here!

i had a great weekend in seattle. bryan and brenda were so cute on their wedding day. the ceremony was simple but classic and brenda wore the most beautiful dress. bryan looked calm, cool, and laid back for a groom...i'm not sure if that was an act or not. the reception was held at my aunt and uncles house with the pool. it was an outdoor reception and the weather held up - will miracles never cease? :) we had a great time and i enjoyed seeing family i hadn't seen in a few years. lots of catching up to do!

mom is doing so great. her color and attitude never cease to amaze me. dad and katie are fineand it was fun to see paige who just got a new job at assoicated ministries as the development director! it is a well deserved change of job and location, so best wishes and congrats! :)

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