Friday, September 30, 2005

my first celebrity sighting

i forgot to tell you! the first time celena took me to runyon canyon, i saw her and her cute little dog trotting beside her with a stick its mouth, looking up as if to say "mom, mom, c'mon mom! throw the stick, c'mon! i'll be good, c'mon!" so cute! celena recognized her the first time, and then we passed her again and celena said, "see it now? it's totally her." and it was! but i didn't have the nerve to say hello so we just walked on by.

ohmygod, i have just finished a ten hour day. and it's going to get worse. but for now, i'm enjoying my time at home. celena and her fabulous roomie, gabriel, are on their way over. we are going to the grove to see this movie and have dinner. so excited! :)

mom and dad and katie will be visiting over veterans day weekend in november. we're so excited! i'm checking out a few local bed and breakfasts this weekend for them, but both look so wonderful just on the internet that i'd be willing to book a few nights for matt and me! there's elaine's and the secret garden. what do you think?

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