Thursday, September 29, 2005


did you know that was the original name of hollywood? at least that's what the sign said until the "land" part burned up or fell down, i'm not sure...

tonight was a total l.a. night. first of all, it was (and still is) extremely warm outside. second, i went out for girls night with cindy and some other women that i barely know to the grand lux cafe. we pigged out on delicious dinners and split four yummy desserts. then, on our way up to our cars via the escolator, we had a celebrity sighting! he was going down the escolator while we were going up. we were all talking and then as he went by, we all got quiet. by the time he passed us, we were all whispering like a bunch of school girls! it was awesome! matt couldn't believe it.

on my way home driving down hollywood boulevard, right said fred's song (and i don't remember the title but it's the catwalk song) blared on jack fm. i rolled down the windows, cranked up the tunes, and sang my heart out.

like i said, a perfect l.a. night! ooo, and i had a glass of chateau st. michelle's syrah with dinner. yum yum!

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