Thursday, September 08, 2005

museum row

today i'm working at the petersen automotive museum in the membership department. they are currently looking for a membership assistant so i handed in my application and bam! i have an interview on monday morning. :) i also found a job opportunity at lacma (los angeles county museum of art) and they are looking for an education coordinator. i mailed in my resume this morning so hopefully that will turn into something...i also got 2 phone calls from employment agencies that i had turned to last month, but told them that i'd have to get back to them because i have 2, maybe 3 job prospects happening right now. we'll see what happens.

and my supervisor just told me i can't eat at my desk. "it's not healthy- you need a break." but it's my decision...whatever...if taking my lunch break away from the desk is what gets me hired, then she'll get her wish!

matt's friends tom and nathan came over again last night, passionately discussing their current project...which i'm not really allowed to discuss because 1 - i don't understand the entire concept and 2 - the projects they do at afi are to stay at afi. no outside producers or help since the projects are totally sponsored and financed by the school. makes sense.

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