Monday, September 26, 2005

dazed and confused

i love that movie! :)

universal studios turned out to be quite an adventure. joss whedon didn't come due to a scheduling conflict and there was no screening of the movie. the wristbands to enter into events were already gone by 10am (the park opened at 9am) so we were pissed. to make a long story short, we were able to prove that the email i got said there was a screening of the movie and nathan got his money back and handed back his ticket (matt and i have season passes so we didn't really care). on our way out to have lunch at city walk, we got our wrists stamped to come back in and i heard the lady say "make sure you show your stamp and your ticket when you come back in" and so i told nathan and he in turn told the lady he lost his ticket! hah! it felt kinda good to screw universal studios out of $40. :)

saturday night we went to an afi party. those things get a little awkward for me since i don't know the slightest thing about making movies. but i nod and smile and pay attention because these people just might cast me in a movie someday.

sunday we went to runyon canyon with fellow afi first year director student amin (he's from jorday by way of ohio) and his dogs oboe and cello. had a great time laughing at oboe trying to hump at least 5 different dogs! :) came home, had dinner and went to sleep. i got to sleep in this morning because i worked yesterday morning and was able to come into work late. :) always a good thing.

any suggestions on where to find cheap tickets? i want to visit my bud melanie in montana in march...

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