Sunday, February 14, 2010

Planning Ahead

My mother-in-law has a fantastic quote (albeit annoying at times when I just want life to work out my way): "Life is what happens when you're making plans."


It's enough to say that searching for a house is stressful. Add to it that we're 1000 miles away and the only way I can really see houses is through the internets. I am stressed out, emotionally drained, and just want it to be over with already. And what's worse is that I can really plan anything more than a few weeks ahead because I don't know if we'll find that perfect place or not. I can't plan to see my family who's visiting Seattle at the end of March, because I could be packing up our place by then. I don't know when Matt will be back from shooting, so we can't plan the Grand Canyon trip, and even if we could, we don't know if we'll be moving by then.

The point is, I just don't know and it's driving me nuts.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to enjoy L.A. and not think about moving. Right now all I can do is search for a house, because without a house, moving isn't involved. Today, hubby and I are going to the Huntington Gardens, and then out for a cheap dinner. Or I might make something. Who knows? Tomorrow is full of chores and laundry, but today, I get my hubby all to myself.


Dahli said...

I can relate.

Last spring & summer we were searching for a house & Randy was on the road on & off...I was left to late night internet house searches alone which produced many tears. I also felt like I couldn't make any plans or do anything else house related without knowing where we were going to live.


What I wish someone would have said to me (although maybe they did & I didn't hear it) is that it WILL work out as it is supposed to. Keep living your life as you do and continue to make day to day plans. If something comes up & yo ave to change them, so be it.

Hang in there. Once you get your house it will all melt away.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to feel like OUR plans count for something too? Ah well.
Enjoy your time in LA and with your friends there, and hang in there, sweetie!
(also, I like your new blog theme! The owl is sooopercute. )