Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keeping it together

I don't know where that strong woman went, but now I seem to be this emotional little girl this morning, struggling to keep myself in check. I dropped Matt off at the airport this morning, and even though I am going to get to see him in just 9 days, it feels like I won't see him for six whole weeks. I feel alone, and overly emotional. Thank god for a part-time job, the church book-club, and activities to do later in the week. Otherwise I'd probably spend my time curled up in bed with tissues all over and hungry cats meowing incessantly.

Focus...breathe...I'm going to be FINE.

Where is this coming from??!!

*Deep Breath*

Really, I'm going to be fine, just fine. I know it.


Anonymous said...

I recommend: Give yourself a livingroom/bedroom/kitchen dance party. Call me if you need anything, sweetie, and hang in there!

Also: WHat are you reading in the book club? I'm always ready for a new read. :)

K T said...

Oh I know how you feel! I usually feel pretty good up until the night before. Then I cry a little, thinking about what it will be like. I pull myself together, and then the next morning when he has to leave I just bawl! The first few days are always the hardest! I like to call them my pityparty days... and hey, when your spouse leaves for a given length of time, it is OK to have a pity party! I agree that 9 days is a short time compared to the 6 weeks... but 9 days can feel like an eternity (when Tim left for Conn, I had about 2 weeks before I would see him but I totally broke down!).
Good luck. I find every day gets easier! That strong woman will return, she is just hiding out waiting for you to call her up when you are ready :)

Dahli said...

Oh, I so get you on this.

Randy is gone roughly half the year (collectively, not in one stretch). This has been the case since we went on our first date just over five years ago...and you know what? I still cry everytime we say goodbye. Sometimes it's worse than others, sometimes he sees it, other times I hold it back until he's gone. But I don't think I'll ever NOT be sad when he leaves, even if it's just for a a week or two...

And the the bliss of having the house to myself sets in...I still miss him, but the tears seem to dry up a little faster when I keep that in mind.

Chin up. 9 days will go by fast.