Friday, February 12, 2010

Gratitude #25

1. A good night's sleep.
Oh my goodness, how much this helps. I haven't slept well since we got back from the holidays in Seattle. You see, I sleep with earplugs in here in good ol' Glendale because our bedroom faces a very busy street. Couple that with crazy, nutty cats running around in the middle of the night...well, white noise from a fan just doesn't cut it. So after a month of trying to sleep, trying to adjust to the noises...I couldn't take it anymore. And my friends, the last 3 nights have been blissful. I am waking up ready to go and refreshed, it's so awesome.

2. My cookbooks.
We had to wipe my computer a few weeks ago, and with that all of my recipes that I had saved in my MasterCook program disappeared! So, it's back to the basics, of searching through my recipe books for easy yet healthy and tasty recipes. I am so glad I have such a variety. I'll never get bored, that's for sure. Remember how I used to collect stationary? Well, now it's cookbooks. Matt is fine with it, as long as I make a recipe from each one at some point, whether it's today or 20 years from now. I think I can hold up my end of that deal.

3. Capacity to step-up and be an adult.
Remember when we were little and being grown-up seemed so incredible? We could do anything we wanted at any time, carefree and able to drive to boot! Well, now I know it's not that simple, most of the time I still feel like that 15 year old girl who's unsure about everything. But yesterday, I set her aside. You see, I heard through the grapevine that an old college roommate's spouse had a rare stroke (and they have three little girls). She and I didn't get along so well, for reasons now that I've forgotten and must be unimportant. I messaged her through facebook, saying how sorry I was to hear about her husband's health, that I wished him well soon, and that I hoped she was alright. She quickly responded updating me on his condition and how sweet I was to contact her. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that stepping up and getting over myself was the right thing to do.

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