Monday, January 11, 2010

Gratitude - #4

1. I am feeling SO much better this morning. Grateful for a comfy bed, earplugs, and soft pillows.

2. I am grateful that my hubby trusts me enough to go house-hunting without him this weekend in Tacoma. I am grateful that he trusts me so completely to find our next home.

3. Grateful for Hansen's diet peach soda. It's the only thing I can eat right now.

At the last minute last week, I planned a trip back to Tacoma to look at some more houses, and I'm hopeful that something will come up. I am not really looking forward to the freezing cold, but then I'm just going to have to adjust in small doses I guess. I fly in Thursday, go into the office on Friday, house-hunt Saturday, and leave Sunday. Whew!

I came down with a nasty case of the stomach flu night before last. Horked 4 times in less than 8 hours - no fun. I have not eaten anything since Saturday night except for water and hansen's diet peach soda. Watching tv and movies help keep my mind of the nausea, but I finished all my Grey's Anatomy discs from Netflix and am bored with our current selection of movies at home. Guess this is where Netflix On Demand comes in. Needless to say I'm not going into work today, and who knows about tomorrow. At this point it would be nice to not feel like "ick".

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emilie said...

oh no! I'm sorry you got the bug. Get you rest before you get back here to the FROZEN NORTH. :)
(Actually, it's mostly just wet wet wet.)
And if you have time or need a break, gimme a call and we'll grab a cuppa joe.
Good luck!