Friday, January 29, 2010

Gratitude #20 and #21

The Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Park Observatory. Beautiful!

It's been a busy few days! Lots to be grateful for. :)

1. Being a tour guide. Sam and Phil came to visit us for a few days, and yesterday I got to play in L.A. with them. So much fun!

2. Rain. Being a tour guide, you hope your city shows itself off well, and L.A. shined yesterday, my friends, it shined. Because of all the rain, the views were so clear and L.A. was beautiful and impressive. I was proud!

3. Barney's Beanery in Santa Monica. They serve Kona Longboard beer (draft!) and at happy hour it's just $2.75. Two, please!

The pendulum at the observatory. I had fun watching it swinging back and forth, telling time.

4. Griffith Park Observatory. So amazingly cool! I can't wait to go into the planetarium.

5. The Getty Center. Amazing architecture and a serene garden, with stunning views of West L.A.

6. Time with the hubby. With the looming pre-production/filming trip sneaking up on us, every moment with him is precious and fun. We're laughing a lot these days!

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