Monday, January 18, 2010

Gratitude - #11

1. The rain. I don't mean to sound hokey or anything, but it helps me cleanse my spirits a little. Trips to Seattle are always fun, and always a little hard. So many memories. It's hard sometimes to always be cheerful when I come back, and the rain...well, it kind of re-centers me.

2. Matt at Dude Night means I get to watch hours of uninterrupted Grey's Anatomy on DVD.

3. MIL's recipe for Hamburger Soup. It's one of the ultimate comfort food recipes.


K T said...

Um, did you appreciate the rain that much when you lived there or is it easier to like it when you live in a sunny and warm environment? I find rain in Charleston isn't that bad, but I know I am dreading living in Washington with the rain again! Hope you always did appreciate the rain!! :)

Camille said...

It's easier, definitely, when you've lived in a sunny environment! I miss clean air, and I miss the green. Did you guys get assigned to WA???