Friday, January 25, 2008

What's the deal?

Issue number one: I want to know why there seems to be an influx of people dying in just these last few weeks, not to mention last year. A old college friend, her mother passed; Schteffi's bf, his grandmother passed away; A's husband's grandmother, not to mention her 3 grandmothers all last year, Heath Ledger...death seems to be on the mind lately. I checked a few other blogs and there were recent posts about beloved ones lost long ago or recently. I found out yesterday that my new co-worker, her mom had passed 4 years ago and our COO's mother had passed this month...all this mourning and yet celebration of memories...I'm really trying to process all of this.

It's never easy, no matter what the circumstances. Expected or unexpected, the loss is hard to fill and we just want them back in our lives...I guess that seems like a pretty selfish statement, but really, isn't that what part of grief is about? Figuring out how to move on without them?

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost loved ones, be it recently or long ago.

Issue Number Two: THE RAIN. I know we need it but come on now. Our old car is making squeaking noises because the brakes and belts are so wet from driving through the standing water. Not to mention, I can't seem to stay dry for very long. This isn't Seattle rain, this is dessert downpour. Please let it stop soon. Cindy needs to take her dogs for a walk, not to mention we want to go on another hike!


tacomachickadee said...

No kidding. On both issues. But it's the first one making me cry. Process process process ...

Mary said...

Yeah, the rain bothers me because this is NOT why I moved to So Cal!