Monday, March 06, 2006

What's been going on lately, you ask?

  1. TAXES
  2. Got a temp job through the 20th. Yay!
  3. Mom's CAT scan came back clear. Woohoo! More tests scheduled for next Thursday.
  4. TAXES
  5. Beth is visiting this weekend from Seattle.
  6. Michelle and her friend will be visiting a week from Wednesday and staying a week (at a hotel). I have not seen Michelle in 2 years (she's from Alaska)!
  7. Went to Yoga for the first time yesterday in 3 weeks. OW!
  8. So so happy not to be working for the psycho Rabbi anymore.
  9. It's raining. What the eff?
  10. Coming home to visit March 24-27 for family stuff. Julia is going to be home for a week so we are looking forward to seeing her.
  11. Hmmmmm, I need to update my resume.

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