Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So it's been awhile!

Well, where to begin?

I quit my job and took a few days off. Went to yoga, got some much needed errands done, and slept in. Quite lovely. But after a few days of being bored, I was ready to work again. Thank goodness the temp agency called and I got sent to the FOX movie lot! :) I had to work in a cubicle and in the business office but no matter because I was on a movie lot! :) I even met "Cameron" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (he was also in Spin City). Then I got a temp job that I'm currently at now, at Fox Sports Net in West L.A. The tape librarian is out on vacation so I am filling in for him. I had to go through 3 days of training so that should tell you there's quite a bit of detail to this job. Basically I log in all the commercial tapes that come in and toss out the duplicates. It sounds easy but it takes all day. And this office is so quiet. You could hear a pin drop!

My good friend Beth flew in from Seattle last weekend so we've been hanging out quite a bit. Celena, Beth, and I all went to high school together so we spent the majority of the weekend pigging out, shopping, laughing, and star sighting. The most exciting event was that we went to the 101 cafe and saw Sandra Oh! I mean, she was right next to us on the sidewalk and is even more beautiful in person. Have you seen Sideways? She plays Jack's girlfriend while on the trip and she's also a major character in Grey's Anatomy. Well, Beth and I were totally starstruck. We didn't say anything, but I couldn't stop glancing over at her! It was so awesome! And, I also discovered Zephora over the weekend. Wow.

So yesterday was my first day at the job on my own, and it went fine. Totally quiet. No biggie. On my way home I called mom to get the results of her tests and it doesn't look good. Something on the scan shows something all over her bones, and it's probably cancer but the doctor did not confirm that. They'll know for sure in a few days, but mom is starting chemo again on Thursday. She's been feeling so good through March, so this is kind of a downer. But we just have to keep our spirits up. They'll be using the same drugs (minus the one that she had an allergic reaction to) that brought her tumor marker down, so that's good. And she'll continue doing the alternative therapy in Federal Way.

Last night Beth, Matt and I played Apples to Apples. We needed 4 players so we decided to deal PJ the cat in. And guess who won? The cat. We suck. :P

I should go to yoga tonight, shouldn't I? Urgh. Decisions, decisions.

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