Monday, March 20, 2006

Umbrellas vs. Rain Coats

Me: "Oh, crap. It's raining outside and I don't have my rain coat!"

B. : "Rain coat? Why not just use an umbrella?"

Me: "Umbrella's are for wimps. I'm from the northwest. We use coats with hoods."

B.: "A hood? Does it really keep you dry?"

Me: (suprised by the question) "Um, yes. I mean, your hair might get messed up, but it keeps you dry."

B.: "What about your face?"

Me: "The hood creates this little shelf that goes just barely over your face, enough to keep you dry and you can still see when walking around."

B.: "Huh. Well, I guess that would be more practical to have in Seattle where it rains all the time."

Me: "Precisely."

B.: "Did you still want that umbrella?"

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