Friday, January 23, 2009

Work It!

I really committed to my workout this week. When I showed up this morning, my trainer commented that he was impressed with my turnout and asked what my motivation was. I said "Hawaii in May, that's my goal!" He nodded and said he'd help get me there. I feel so good after exercising. My stress level is down, I am more aware of what I'm eating, and I feel so much better about myself. My muscles are getting bigger too! I can definitely notice more definition in my clothes, specially my jeans. Matt pointed out that I've started losing weight again, in my face and neck. While I haven't lost weight, I've lost inches and that's huge. I feel so much better about my body when my clothes fit better. I find that I'm also inspired by all of my girlfriends who work out on a regular basis. We check in on each other, and that's so encouraging and helpful!


dahli said...

Nice work Camille! It can be so very hard to stay motivated to work out..I am impressed!

emilie said...

Hawaii in May? WE'RE gonna be in Hawaii in May! Are you by any chance going to be in Honolulu from the 28th of May through the 10th of June? Cause THAT would just be crazy.
Wanna add me to your check-in list? I'll add you to mine! HI is my goal too... and while I'm no boot-camp candidate, I AM getting my booty to Zumba and/or light weight training 3 times a week.