Monday, January 12, 2009

Movin' on up

We got the apartment in Glendale! :) Current thoughts I'm having...

Thought of moving again - Ick...

Thought of no dishwasher - Eh, s'okay, we can make do...

Thought of more closet space - Yes please!

Thougts of hardwood floors - Love!

Thoughts of bathroom counter? - We can make it work.

Thoughts about saving $500 a month? - YES!!

We'll be moving at the end of the month. Emails will go out with our new address when the time gets closer.


Cindy said...

Moving = Suck
But the end result will definitely be worth it. Congratulations on getting the place!
Since we know we are going to be moving again, even though it's probably more than six months away, I'm already having thoughts about doing a major house and garage cleanup and getting rid of a lot of stuff that we just don't need to hang on to anymore.
We have lots of boxes you can borrow but will need them back before say, oh, June.

Lena said...

I'm excited for you. Not the packing part, but the saving money part.

One box at a time!