Thursday, January 08, 2009

Patience isn't a virtue of mine.

With the recession and Matt getting laid off from his part time job, our finances are incredibly tight. So this week we started looking around for cheaper places to live, something in the neighborhood that is much cheaper and could save us up to 600 bucks a month. So far, I'm checking out two places tomorrow - one in Glendale and one in Valley Village. Saturday we are going to visit one in Silverlake, and that's the one I really want. It's still in our neighborhood, the price is right, the area is adorable, and the apartment even has a deck! Not only that, we'd be saving over $500 a month, which is HUGE. So, again, I'm really excited and hope that it's the place we are meant to be, but I just have to be patient and see what happens.

Of course, all this talk of saving money means that we aren't eating out nearly as much as we used to. I'm enjoying meal planning much more and with my weight loss goal in check, I love looking up new and healthy recipes. Yesterday I went back to fitness bootcamp and while my muscles were screaming at me that it had been a long time since they'd been worked this way, today I'm not sore. At all. Which means I'm getting used to this! I'll certainly go back tomorrow, and plan on going every M/W/F for the next five weeks. I plan on going in February too, and then might cut back on the bootcamp so I can go to yoga more often. Again, I just have to be patient and enjoy where I'm at right now. At least I've gone down one dress size, and I'm feeling really good about that!


Cindy said...

You know I'm going to put in my plug to check out the Valley! Good luck on the search for the new home base.

Emilie said...


*Totally* know where you're coming from, on all fronts. Money tight? You bet. Less restauranting--one of my fav things? Yep, though probably not as much of a concerted effort as it should be.(soooo easy to walk to the parkway for a beer.) Way to go on BootCamp! I'm already impressed that you don't hurt.

Love to you both, and yes, more frequent visits to *your* little corner, now that I see it here!

Jenny said...

That's a bummer. My brother was laid off as well. It's tough times, sister! Hang in there.

Mary said...

Ben got laid off from his job too. What a coincidence-it must be the AFI curse going around. Ugh.