Friday, July 11, 2008

Off to Spokane!

This afternoon I'm taking off for Spokane, WA. It's a much needed vacation from life in the big city. Peace, quiet, and family. My Dad is even coming over to my Aunt's house so we can see eachother. I have gifts for my younger cousins, and I just can't wait to see everyone! My Aunt Sharon is like my second mom, and my Uncle Terry, well, he's just a hoot and we have great breakfast conversations. He still teases me about sleeping in. When I was a kid, I'd sleep until 11 or noon. Now I sleep till 8 or 9, but for him that's still over sleeping since he gets up at 5 or 6!

Sharon and Terry have a great big yard, and about a third of it is Sharon's garden. They have a dog, cats, and used to have chickens, cows, and horses (so I hear). They own 80 acres just outside the city. I'll be in the middle of nowhere, and I can't wait! :)

I will blog if/when I can, but will bring home lots of pictures. Unfortunately I won't be beating the heat. Sharon says it's supposed be in the 80's all weekend and in the 90's by next week!

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