Thursday, July 24, 2008

80 acres and loving it!

Approach to the house! I can't wait!

I got quite a few snapshots of Sarah over the week. She loves the camera. This was my favorite of the bunch.

Jessica and her team won the division championship game!

l-r: Dad, Sarah, Sharon, and Terry. I miss them terribly.

Katy, this picture is for you. This is Sharon's garden, and it's HUGE. All kinds of fruit and veggies. Sharon picked strawberries every other day, and Cherries early in the week. I think I'll start with something smaller when Matt and I get a house though! :)

Sharon with her dahlias. They are just about ready to bloom!

This is the view across the street.

Their sweet dog, Casey. I miss her.

Front yard kitty, M.J. Back yard kitty, Jack, was unavailable as he was mousing.

Sunset on Four-Mound prairie.

Casey running to Sharon during our walk on my last night.

Ready to go home...well, in a way. I loved being with my family.

Cascade mountains, and HELLO Western Washington!

Mt. Rainier from the air.

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