Monday, July 07, 2008

The neighborhood

I went for a much needed walk this morning, and even better it's before the heat of the day. Once I get off the major street (that I just happen to live on) the neighborhood quiets down and I feel like I'm back in time, somehow. If I ignore all the fancy cars and focus on the lovely bungalow homes, I can hear the birds chirp and say hello to my fellow walkers. I found a really nice path today that leads to Bronson, which in turns leads to the western entrance to Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign. So many different colors, and the blue sky as a backdrop to all the palm trees is quite beautiful. I know people don't like coming over to visit, mostly because the parking situation is dire. But if you ever feel the need, come over early in the morning and I'll show you around.

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Matt deMille said...

Hi, Camille! I'll take you up on a few of those walks in a week or two, since I'll be "in the area". They sound rather pleasant.