Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I donated!

Well, in cash terms. I can't donate blood...I get woozy just thinking about needles.

My friend Melanie is participating in the Relay For Life in Bozeman, MT. Now I haven't participated in any sort of cancer walks yet because it's still too painful. But Mel said that she'd walk for me and in memory of my Mom. So I wanted to encourage donations to her personal page. Her goal is just $100, and she's already a quarter of the way there.

And I'm going to stop here. I'm at work and tearing up.

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dahli said...

It feels really good to give money to a good casue. Our good friend Julie works at a great place called waite house. A few weeks back they had a pancake breakfast benefitting their youth programs. I gave a $50 & said, "no change please". Best feeling ever.