Sunday, March 30, 2008

A busy busy week with pictures to prove it!

Thursday night, the gang had a craving for Mexican food so I obliged and we went to Matt's favorite place on Sunset Blvd. called El Chavo. Dinner was fantastic as was the company and our surroundings. Matt and I will definitely be back, hopefully with friends in tow as we are eager to share this local treasure.

Matt and Dad - what a pair!

The lovely decor.

(a picture of my half-eaten dinner for Cindy.)

Pictures of our weekend in Catalina to come, as well as our new big toy.

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dahli said...

I love going out to eat..that is one of my favorite things when people visit from out of town - taking them to my favorite restaurants. Keep on the restaurant reviews - next time I'm in L.A. I'll patronize a new restaurant or two.
I hope you're enjoying your visit with your dad & sister.