Saturday, March 08, 2008

Feeling unsatisfied

I just want to say that if I'm going to spend my time searching for parking, paying a nice sum of money for 2 movie tickets, being up late, and spending a good amount of my time with strangers, the movie should be satisfying. I'm a little disgruntled because the last 2 movies I've seen in the theater seem to have ended quite abrubtly and I've left feeling unsatisfied. Granted, the cinemetography, the acting, the sets, all the rest of it was amazing, but the storytelling at the end just wasn't there. In either of them:

There Will Be Blood


No Country For Old Men

Did I miss something? Please tell me if I did because I'm seriously wondering if both these movies were nominated for best picture...I must have missed a key story element. That has to be the only explanation.

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Jenny said...

Dued. I'm totally with youon the No Country sucking. Apparently, we are the only ones.

The last movie I saw that I liked was Enchanted. Seriously, its so cute!

If I may get a wee political, I also recommend The Business of Being Born, which is AWESOME and available on Netflix or at a video store near you.