Monday, March 10, 2008

Fabulous Farmer's Market!

Ah-May-ZING!! I had such a great time and I was grateful to have (a) a limited amount of cash so I couldn't go completely crazy; and (b) Katy and Cindy at my side, reminding me that we would return next week and I didn't have to buy everything in site.

Katy's bag was full of fabulous goodies. Mostly everything crammed in there is hers, but I did manage to find some items that needed to be in this bag as they needed to remain cold and it was quite warm out (I was really glad I put on sunscreen).

I seriously was this close to taking one of these orchids home. But decided they were prettier from afar and that watching my kitties destroy them would just be too heartbreaking.
(And I'd just like to say that editing pictures and copy on blogger stinks because this looks so much nicer in the posting section. The last 2 pictures are actually in the right order.)
(P.S. I realized a few weeks ago that I have a fantastic camera that we got for Christmas and this blog is called "Adventures in Hollywood". Except I never take any pictures and the adventures mostly seem to be in my head. So this trip to the farmer's market wasn't just for good food and fun in the sun - it's also the start of sharing what we experience every day...or at least on the weekends... *wink*)


Cindy said...

Love the pictoral! And I'm excited about the many upcoming adventures to read about in your blog!

Kristy said...

Yay, after 20 inches of snow this past weekend, I am so happy to see signs of warmer weather: flowers, farmers markets, and sunshine! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Sure! Just rub it in! Your need for sunscreen, your open farmer's markets...

Just kidding.:) Yay for more adventures!