Thursday, August 30, 2007


So far we've come up with:


None of these seem to fit. Any ideas? We've just been calling her "Kitten".


Cindy said...

How about Lacy? Since she was found with a shoelace tied around her.

island sweet said...

hi camille. so - you're keeping her? lucky little kitten. i volunteer at the local spca here and have done alot of naming of animals - i've named litters of pups and kits after flowers, greek gods and goddesses, motorcycle and car makes...
a term of endearment i love here (especially used for a little girl) is trout as in "my little trout"...

Lena said...

How about "Alive" in honor of the movie? You could shorten it to Ali.

She's adorable looking, I can see why you want to keep her.

Jenny said...

See what Donny says, then name her if she stays.

I like Tink myself. Or Bonnie (that was my first choice for Freya).

Mandy/Amanda said...

I like Tink, or maybe Misty. I have the hardest time seeing kittens for adoption without wanting to take them home! I think 3 is enough for us though - especially since ours are all "special needs"! Congrats on the new "baby".