Friday, August 03, 2007

Less Sleep

I am not liking the street noises at night. I miss our old room, the quiet parking lot, and hearing the birds in the morning. Now all I hear are cars, buses, motorcycles, sirens, and helicopters. I haven't been sleeping well (if I do at all) these last 2 nights. It's to the point where I may be leaving work slightly early today just so I can get a nap in. We'll see if that happens. Fridays are my busiest days here and it's pay day for the candidates. I'm going to try to leave after the checks are mailed. Again, we'll see.

Something funny happened the other day. I'm only used to 1 bedroom, so when I was looking for something I was getting increasingly frustrated because I couldn't find it. Then I remembered that we have another room now and it could be in there...and it was! How funny. It didn't even occur to me to check the 2nd bedroom, and that's why we moved in the first place.

This weekend I plan on sleeping and also getting together with Michelle and Sharon, friends from Alaska. I've not seen them since they flew in earlier this week, so I'm hoping to get some quality time with them before work again on Monday. I think the plan for Sunday is Knott's Soak City but I'm not sure.


Cindy said...

The story about forgetting you have a second bedroom is hilarious. Bummer about the road noise. Hopefully this is something you will get used to with time. I, myself, have a pretty good nack for drowning out background noise and sleeping through anything. When I share this quality about myself, other people tend to look at me with eyes of despise.

Amanda said...

Bummer indeed about the road noise. That was one of the things I hated most about my last apartment.

Comment to Cindy: I can understand your friends...I'm so jealous of anyone that can sleep through anything!

Cindy said...

Yes, well I can't exactly claim it as a virtue of my character or anything. I'm sure it has something to do with growing up next to train tracks.

Camille, How was soak city? Did you get soaked ;)

Cindy said...

Camille, did your new furniture arrive yet?