Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer is definitely here

Days are longer, food tastes better, the weather is warmer, and my allergies are kicking in. We were at The Grove today, had lunch and in the middle of shopping I just started sneezing like a mad-woman. We were going to see Shrek 3 but I couldn't get past the idea of just wanting to go straight home and sleep. Which is what I did. Came home and took a benadryl and slept for 5 hours. I just got up. I don't know how or when I'll go to sleep tonight!

Katie is doing well. Poor thing is so tired. Her last day of school was Thursday. I remember when school was done and all I wanted to do was sleep. Kind of like Jenny and Kevin, only they have a reason for needing sleep! There is the sweetest picture on their blog of Kevin and Patrick. You have to check it out.

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Cindy said...

Allergies suck. I hope you and Katie have had a chance to catch up on your sleep and that you are having a nice visit.