Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feeling ill

I suppose it was silly of me to think that I wouldn't catch Matt's cold. He got sick after all the family left and the stress died down. He was pretty sick for about 3 days and I woke up yesterday with a tingle in my throat and all sneezy. Thank goodness for airborne. But last night I came home, fixed dinner, and then went to bed at 7. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Naturally, I woke up at 4am. More airborne, maybe some chicken soup for breakfast, and then before work I'll stop by Walgreens to get some more airborne so I can work today. Maybe even go home early.

On Tuesday evening, we headed over to Don and Cindy's which was great fun. They have a wonderful home out in Sherman Oaks. So much character! I especially love how the only way that you can get into the DG office is through the second bedroom. They seem really happy with their new jobs and new home. Cindy, is, as ever, a fantastic cook and Don is fabulous griller. She marinated some steaks and cut up some fresh veggies, and Don took them to the grill. Yummy! Rian was also there with another guy (and his name escapes me now), they brough wonderful sausages from the Farmer's Market. It was a perfect night for sitting around outside, eating our yumtastic dinner and drinking a few beers.

Saturday Mary and I (if I'm better) go out for an early morning hike in Pasadena. I've been told to wear clam diggers and water proof shoes as we cross a stream several times. She said most of it is flat (thank goodness because I have no stamina) and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm really looking forward to it.

Next Saturday evening, Katie arrives for an 8 day stay. We're looking forward to seeing her and having her here. I know that Matt will be in classes a few days a week so I've asked for some time off to get home early so she's not by herself all day long. I suppose this seems like bad timing to get a new job, but I really like what I do (so far) so it's best to just be adult about everything and get through these busy times. I do know that Katie wants to check out a few colleges in the area which will be fun, and she wants to go to the beach. It's also her vacation, so I don't know how busy we'll be when she's here.

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Cindy said...

Camille, I'm so sorry to hear you are coming down with Matt's cold. I hope you are able to fight it off before it gets to full blown stage. We had a great time at our first in home grill out with you guys the other night. Thanks again for the cute cake! We would love to do something with you guys and your sister while she is here. We are also interested in checking out the beach too so if you decide to do that let us know if you want some company. Take care of yourself and get better soon!