Monday, November 27, 2006


Shouldn't that be one of the dwarves names from Snow White?

I'm not feeling very perky today. I am missing mom terribly with the holidays approaching. The way she was planning shopping trips, decorating the house, family get togethers. I know christmas is not going to be the same with out her at all, and I know that means it's time to make some new memories. Of course, I'd rather just have her back in my life, but that's a wish that won't come true. So now I am just waiting and slightly dreading going home. Part of me wants to stay here in my own reality, dealing with my own depression and troubles. But now I'm one of the grown ups and it's my job to help out those who need it. I am the oldest daughter and big sister.

We had a wonderful vacation. Much wine was drunk and bought, and much money was spent, and we now have a closet full of wine. We are not allowed to buy any more until we can clear some space. Who wants to come over and help us drink it? That's all I need. Another depressant.

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