Thursday, November 09, 2006

Errands and travels

Today I have to drive my sore behind to LAX because I left my meds on the British Airways flight from London. Apparently British Airways "doesn't mail" so I have to drag myself on a potentially 2 hour trip (depending on traffic) for one measly bag of meds. Granted, it's an expensive measley bag, but still...the airline can't just stuff it in a bag and mail it? I tried to tell the woman that I'm injured and it's painful to drive and LAX is a long way away, but she just said "Well, I live much further from LAX than you. It's not that far." I wish I could have the ability to slap someone through the phone.

Next weekend is Gencon SoCal. I just found out. It will be first time for me to see Gamers 2 on the big screen which is very exciting. We've got a room for one night at a nice hotel with breakfast included. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, and seeing the film. I will take pictures, don't worry.

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