Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm healing in 2 ways:

My tailbone isn't broken! The chiropractor says it should take another 10 days to heal. If it's not better by that time, then I have to get an internal adjustment. But at least it's not broken or fractured which is a huge relief.

I've been thinking about Mom quite a bit these last few weeks, just wishing she was around and how unfair it is that she's gone. The depression has sunk in and I'm fighting through it, at least I'm trying my best to.


Lena said...

Glad to hear that tailbone isn't broken, funny how a little bone can hurt so much...

It's OK to be sad, grieving takes time, just remember to smile every once in a while.

Jenny said...

Yeah, it's a really shit time. I got very sick of crying about it. The holidays are tough, won't lie to you about that. But the support of everybody around you does make a big difference. And it does get better, just not yet. Hang in there babe, and be patient with the process. Thinking of you and your butt. :)