Thursday, April 20, 2006

That was interesting...and a little scary...

There was a fire in our parking lot!

I was at the computer and heard this loud crackling noise. It sounded like a barbeque totally out of control. I looked outside and there was a fire starting in the back corner, maybe 5 feet from our car. I ran down to move it and Matt called the fire department. I freaked out as I ran to the car, only to see our landlord moving in with the fire extinguisher. She yelled at me to move to spot number one, which I did, and she ran back and forth three times to re-fill the extinguisher. The fire department showed up within five minutes (I don't mind paying my taxes now) and took care of the mystery smoldering mess on the other side. One of the tenants told me that she thinks there are some people who live outside just on the other side of the fence and maybe that's what started it.

Adrenaline is pumping and Matt and I are off to dinner in about an hour. We have a lovely bottle of wine that will come in very handy. :)

San Diego was a blast. I forgot my digital camera but will be happy to share cute pictures of the adorable baby panda, baby gorilla, and baby giraffe and also share the story of the wildcat we saw get loose while on a walk.

It's been an interesting week so far!

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