Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Celebrity Watch

Living in L.A., the question that always comes up is "Have you ever met/seen celebrities?"

Of course. I live in Hollywood and temp at tv/movie lots. From most recent to first, here's the list of celebrities I've seen (these don't include the one's Matt has seen, I can't remember their names):

1. Today I saw/interacted with Leon Robinson. Stand-offish, probably knew I recognized him. When I asked him his name (I have to get names in order to hand out parking validations), he only gave me his first name and then when I asked for his last name, he seriously hesitated. Whatever. I'm just doing my job, buddy.

2. I was with Beth and Celena at the 101 Cafe when all of the sudden Celena whispered "Look!" It was Sandra Oh. Need I say more? I was completely star struck. She was about a foot away from me and I so desperately wanted to say that I loved her in Sideways. But I played cool. She was with friends and kept her sunglasses on in the restaurant. Really beautiful in person, more stunning than on T.V. which is rare.

3. Alan Ruck at the FOX movie lot. He was coming up the stairs, I was coming out of the elevator and was completely turned around. Now the parking lady very nicely but very quickly told me where to go before I headed into the giant parking complex and handed me a map. So I asked him if he knew where the building was and he said "Well, let's look at our maps." We figured it out, and he wished me well and we went our separate ways. Most famous for his role on "Spin City" and as Cameron in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

4. Kevin Smith. Chasing Amy. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Clerks. If you don't know who I'm talking about, then I feel sorry for you. He's lost quite a bit of weight. I almost didn't recognize him.

5. Famke Janssen. Really skinny in person. Saw her twice on the same day at Runyon Canyon. Seemed snooty but she had a very cute dog looking up at her adoringly and carrying a stick that he obviously wanted her to throw. Famous for her rold in "Goldeneye" and as Jean Gray in the famed "X-Men" movies.

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