Sunday, April 23, 2006

Out on the Town

Last night Matt and I joined Marshall and Jeremy (2 students from AFI in the writing program) and brought along our friend Jimmy who was visiting from Seattle for an evening of improv theatre. Marshall's friend was performing amongst a group of women who were doing Monty Python sketches. They served free drinks, which is always a bonus in my book, and we laughed the night away. Jeremy headed home afterwards, and we drove Marshall to his car. Then Matt, Jimmy, and I headed back to the apartment and were up till 3am playing games and having political discussions over 2 bottles of wine and wonderful pizza.

Today I slept in until11am which was wonderful. I've spent the afternoon doing nothing and that's been even better. Matt is at a production meet this afternoon which gives me the entire place to myself . That's something I also never complain about. :)

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