Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Not Panicking About Money

Really, it's true.  Sort of.

I cannot believe how much money we are spending these days.  Some of it is on eating out because I'm too tired to cook.  Some of it isn't on baby stuff, it's more like "Oh, we need curtains for downstairs" and "Oh, we need an electric drill" and "Oh, we need a shredder so we can get rid of those bills from 2004".  It's nesting.  Getting things accomplished around the house so we don't have to worry/fret about them as time gets closer and after our little boy arrives.  Seriously, we've hardly spent any money on baby stuff, except for the paint for his room and a few cute baby outfits.  Hubby is changing jobs and will get back-paid, and while I'm hesitant to withdraw money out of savings, I keep reminding myself that it will be replenished by the end of the month. 

There are bigger problems in this world, and I keep reminding myself that even if we do have to withdraw from savings, that we are in such a better place than we were even six months ago, financially and relationship wise. 

Now if my feet and ankles would stop swelling, I think I'd be just about perfect. 


Cindy said...

I'm getting into the nesting too. We're trying to do as much as possible on craigslist both buying and selling. Sold Rockband and some exercise equipment and made enough money for a couple of bookcases from Ikea. We're also going to be getting rid of some office furniture and equipment once we consolidate our offices. Also planning on taking some books to the used bookstore and making a little cash there. I have a couple of small outdoor projects in mind which I'm planning to go and look at the Habitat and Restore for cheap used materials. So far we've been able to break even on our projects without having to dip into our cash flow.

K T said...

I say dip into savings without hesitation! We save for special occasions and rainy days. This is a special occasion! Nesting is probably natures way of making us even more organized than we need to be :)