Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Wesley Update

I'm not posting this on Facebook, or sending out throngs of emails.

Today, I went in for an ultrasound.  Wesley is measuring a little small in his head and tummy, which could be associated with my high blood pressure.  Nothing like freaking out a first time mommy Monday afternoon. :P

Midwife is cautious but optimistic.  The placenta is very healthy, top grade (so says the midwife).  Lots of fluid (hello 40 pound weight gain).  Heartbeat is strong.  Limbs are long, and he has a full head of hair to boot.  Chat with Jenny made me feel much better. 

Refusing to panic.  Enjoying time off my feet and time to myself to relax.

Timing sucks.  Matt starts filming JQ2 soon.  Not sure how I'm going to do on my own. 

I think Netflix instant que will be my new close friend over the next several days.

At least I can work from home.  Working for Grandpa does have its benefits.  :)

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Crafty Beth said...

I'm glad you get to hole up at home and catch up on movies--hopefully that will keep your mind away from worrying! There are so many little things that we can turn over and over in our heads that turn out to be nothing, and it sounds like you're showing all the important signs of great baby health. Take care of yourself!