Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting Discoveries

Day 2:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs w/ veggies

Lunch - Salad with veggies, quinoa, chicken, and basil vinagrette

Dinner - Unknown

Yesterday was quite interesting. Since my hours at work have change, so has my hunger. I am eating later which makes me not as hungry. I ate breakfast around 7:30, lunch around 1, and by the time I tried to eat dinner at 5, I was full pretty quickly. Today I'm going to try just having a large snack of a little meat, string cheese, and some sliced veggies for dinner. I don't want to overdo anything and give myself heartburn again.

I joined a free website via Facebook that keeps you moving and motivated with a daily health or fitness challenge. Should be interesting, I'm excited to try it out.

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