Monday, January 03, 2011

Blogging Every Day?

I was on wordpress (where my poor little abandoned travel blog is located), and they are encouraging everyone to blog every day or once a week. So I'm going to aim high, and see what happens!

Today I'm at home, my final day off of break. I have a lot to accomplish, mostly going over my lines and working on my character for the next play. It's a large amount of work because this character is unlike any that I've ever played before. I need to do her justice, to make her real. It will help when I get my lines down and then I can really start diving into quirks and characteristics.

Rehearsals are going to kick up this month, as we open in Bellevue for a weekend in one month! So I'm going to try to go walking during my lunch break for about 20 minutes every weekday so that I can get a little exercise in and get the blood flowing. I went to bikram yoga on Friday, and naturally picked the hottest spot in the room. It was insane, but I felt so relaxed afterwards. I can't wait to go back.

Have you ever seen Friday Night Lights? So addicting. Matt and I got a Wii for ourselves for Christmas, and we can now stream Netflix to our television. Also addicting.

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