Friday, November 06, 2009

A bit of a rant:

To the young man and the young woman yesterday:

Just because I exit from the grocery store with a cart full of groceries or depart from Fantastic Sams does not give you permission to immediately assume I'm ready to deplete my bank account again.  Don't give me sad eyes and tell me how much your charity needs my money after I've told you I can't afford to give you any (I need my money more, bucko).  

And to the young man?  You got my attention with reversing the Prop 8 decision, you got me all rev'd up about making sure our state gives people equal rights, making me believe that you wanted me to sign something.  Instead, you hand me a donation form and ask for $88?  What the hell?  We're in an effing recession, DUDE.  You're not going to even tell me where my money is going to go.  Paying your salary?  Don't make me feel guilty when I already contribute to 2 charities yearly.  I can't afford to help save everyone and everything.  I already help feed the hungry and contribute to saving animals.  You'll have my vote when Prop 8 is on the ballot, but you won't have my money.

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