Friday, May 23, 2008

Who really enjoys moving?

We move our offices today. Finally! After 2 weeks of packing and putting up with co-workers asking me for stupid stuff, we'll finally be in our new office. It's really pretty, and I will have natural light coming into the reception area. Before and after pictures to be posted this weekend. Unfortunately I do have to go back to work tomorrow morning but it will just be me and my boss, and we're going to get things put away. It should only take a few hours. That way when I go back to work on Tuesday, I can be more organized and help everyone else get settled.

These last few weeks I've been blessed with very patient friends and family, and I have to single out my husband. What a trooper. I've not been easy to live with and I made a promise that after this weekend, I'd seriously work towards being happier and not bringing my job home with me. Part of that will entail 20-30 minutes of quiet time when I get home.

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Mary said...

Yeah, Ben has learned to not talk to me for 30mins after I get home from work. My time to quietly decompress-watch tv, relax, drink a glass of wine.